There are many reasons you may need to get your wisdom teeth removed. Some of the most common causes for wisdom teeth removal include incorrect growth, pain and irritation, eating challenges, a cyst that forms around the tooth, sinus issues, cavities, and inflamed gums.

Regardless of why you need to get your wisdom teeth removed, you should expect dissolvable stitches to be placed after the procedure has been completed. These stitches are designed to tack your gum tissue flap back into its original position. They will dissolve on their own a few weeks after your wisdom teeth removal and are comprised of ingredients that will easily absorb into your skin.

Keep it mind that it’s fairly typical for dissolvable stitches to poke out under the skin before they’ve dissolved. Know that unless your wound is bleeding or you believe it may be infected because it’s showing redness, swelling, or or oozing, this is no big deal.

After your wisdom tooth removal, you may be tempted to try to pull the stitches out or cut it out on your own. This is highly discouraged as removing the stitches can lead to serious complications down the road. Simply be patient and let the stitches dissolve on their own. If your stitches have not dissolved after a few weeks, schedule an appointment at our office.

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