Will a Tongue Piercing Affect My Taste?

Tongue piercings are more common today than ever before. If you are considering getting your tongue pierced or already have it pierced, you may be wondering whether it will affect your sense of taste. The truth is that other than destroying the few taste buds that your tongue replaces and... Read more »

Will a Dry Socket Heal Without Treatment?

Dry socket is a common condition that may arise after a tooth has been removed. It occurs when the blood clot is dislodged before the socket heals. Dry socket exposes sensitive gum and bone tissue to air, foods, and other things that may lead to extreme sensitivity and pain. Patients... Read more »

Why You Should Go to a Dentist for Glo Teeth Whitening

The desire for a pretty smile has been increasing over the years. As the dental industry grows, and as technology advances, obtaining your dream smile is not so far-fetched anymore. Dentists have been finding new ways and perfecting the skills when it comes to providing their patients with their teeth... Read more »

Why is My Tongue So Sensitive to Spicy Foods?

There are so many delicious spicy foods. Hot peppers, curry, jalapenos, and salsa are just a few examples of the most common ones. While some people love spicy foods, others do not like them or cannot tolerate them. Whether or not you like spicy foods typically depends on the amount... Read more »

Why is Invisalign Causing Nausea?

There are countless benefits of Invisalign. This cutting-edge orthodontic treatment can allow you to straighten your teeth and improve your smile without metal brackets or wires. If you opt for Invisalign treatment, you won’t have to worry about changing your diet or maintaining optimal oral health because Invisalign aligners can... Read more »

Why Does Smoking Cause Dry Sockets?

A tooth extraction involves removing one or more teeth. While tooth extractions can be difficult for many patients, they are a particular challenge for smokers. Although smokers may eventually smoke after a tooth extraction, they should refrain from smoking for at least 72 hours after the procedure. If a patient... Read more »

Why Does My Mouth and Jaw Sit Open Naturally?

Located in the front lower part of the ear, the temporomandibular joint or TMJ allows the lower jaw to move. When you open your mouth wide, a ball known as the condyle makes its way out of the socket, moves forward, and goes back into place when the mouth closes.... Read more »

Why Do My Top Gums Show When I Smile

Patients often come to our office and wonder why the top of their gums show when they smile. These patients have a condition called a gummy smile. A gummy smile can take away their self-confidence and prevent them from enjoying the well proportioned, moviestar smile they deserve. There are a... Read more »

Why Do My Teeth Always Feel Sticky, Even After Brushing My Teeth?

Have you noticed that your teeth always feel sticky, even after you’ve brushed them? If so, know that sticky teeth are the results of plaque. Plaque is comprised of food particles, saliva, detrimental to your teeth, gums, and mouth. Unfortunately, plaque buildup can lead to yellow teeth, bad breath, and... Read more »

Why Do I Wake Up with a Dry or Parched Mouth?

Waking up with a dry or parched mouth is incredibly uncomfortable. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know that it can feel as if you haven’t brushed your teeth in forever. Let’s take a closer look at why dry mouth happens and how you can prevent it in the future.... Read more »