Are you longing for that moviestar smile but can’t seem to get rid of your tooth discoloration? If so, Costa Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has a revolutionary solution that may be right for you. Before we get into what it is, let’s identify the major causes of tooth discoloration so you can understand why your teeth may not be as white as you’d like them to be.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

There are a number of reasons your teeth can darken. Here are some of them:

  • Foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and soda
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Poor brushing and flossing to remove coffee, tobacco, and other substances
  • Diseases that impact the enamel and dentin
  • Antibiotics
  • The natural process of aging
  • Genetics
  • Excessive fluoride

How Glo Teeth Whitening Can Help

Unlike traditional teeth whitening kits, Glo teeth whitening features a strong gel that can turn your teeth to the color you want them in about 2 hours. This is exciting news as most teeth whitening kits available take weeks or even months to work.

If you have a special event coming up or are simply looking for an easy and fast way to improve your appearance, you can’t go wrong with Glo teeth whitening. Since Glo must be applied by a dental professional, you won’t find it at your local drugstore or online. Only several few dental office around Virginia offer it.

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