A beautiful smile is a facial feature that everyone desires. If you are pleased with your smile yet bothered by teeth discoloration, Costa Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has you covered. We are pleased to offer a revolutionary teeth whitening solution that is safe, fast, and capable of helping you achieve those pearly white.

Why Does Tooth Discoloration Occur?

Tooth discoloration may occur for various reasons. If you drink beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, and cola, you teeth may become discolored over time. Also, if you smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco, your teeth may become yellow. Poor brushing habits, genetics, aging, antibiotics, and excessive fluoride use may also lead to discolored teeth.

Glo Teeth Whitening: The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

It can be frustrating to use a teeth whitening kit for weeks or months only to see minimal to no results. That’s where Glo teeth whitening comes in. Glo teeth whitening is available in our office and contains a strong gel that can whiten your teeth in about 2 hours. Yes, you read that right. In hours, not weeks or months, you can get rid of your discoloration and enjoy a whiter, brighter smile.

You won’t find Glo at a local drugstore or online as it must be applied by a trained dental professional. If you’re ready for a teeth whitening solutions that truly works, stop into our Great Falls office for further information.

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