Our dentists and team may use panoramic X-rays to examine your entire mouth and jaw. This gives us a more comprehensive understanding of your oral health needs so that we can provide you with treatments to improve your oral health and smile. Call Costa Dentistry to reserve your appointment with our dentists and learn more about panoramic X-rays in Ashburn and Great Falls, Virginia.

What are panoramic X-rays?

Panoramic X-rays are a type of digital radiography. Unlike traditional X-rays, they capture a complete image of your oral structures, including the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and the upper and lower jaws.

What is the process for getting a panoramic X-ray taken?

We will position your head using chin, forehead and side rests. The X-ray machine will then rotate around your head to capture the necessary images. This entire process takes only a couple of minutes, and is completely non-invasive and comfortable.

How can panoramic X-rays help me?

Panoramic X-rays are used to:

  • Plan and track the progress of orthodontic treatment
  • Check for impacted teeth and issues with wisdom teeth
  • Diagnose TMJ disorders
  • Plan dental implant placement procedures
  • Check for cysts, tumors and abscesses
  • Check for signs of oral cancer
  • Determine the severity of periodontal disease
  • Diagnose cavities
  • Evaluate dental or facial trauma

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