Our dentists may recommend a dental filling if your teeth have developed cavities or sustained other minor damage. Fillings restore the appearance, strength and shape of the tooth so that you can once again enjoy a healthy smile. Here at Costa Dentistry, we only use composite, or tooth-colored, filling material so you can be certain of a beautiful final result. To reserve your appointment and learn more about composite dental fillings in Ashburn and Great Falls, Virginia, call our office today!

What is a composite filling?

A composite filling is a filling made with tooth-colored material so that it will blend in with the natural appearance of your tooth.

What are the advantages of a composite filling over an amalgam filling?

There are many advantages to receiving a composite filling. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, composite fillings give you:

  • A better seal around the tooth to prevent decay and leaks
  • A safer result, as your filling material contains no mercury
  • Insulation against temperature changes
  • Reduced risk of future damage to the tooth
  • Additional strength to the original tooth structure
  • The option of correcting cavities that are too small for amalgam fillings

When is a filling necessary?

Fillings are typically used to repair minor to moderate tooth damage from cavities or from small cracks.

What is the process for getting a filling?

Our dentists will provide an anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Your tooth will then be thoroughly cleaned and any damage or decay removed from the tooth. The filling material will then be placed and carefully shaped to the contours of the tooth. Finally, the filling will be hardened to complete your treatment.

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