Bioclear is applied to repair chipped teeth, discolored teeth, or spaces between the teeth. It is an affordable, conservative treatment, which uses clear molds that are filled with a composite material to match the shade of your teeth. Bioclear may also be an alternative to Invisalign or traditional metal braces if the gaps between the teeth are small enough. To learn more about Bioclear, call us today to schedule your free consultation in our Ashburn or Great Falls, VA office!

How many years of experience does Costa Dentistry have with Bioclear?

Dr. Costa has four years of experience with treating Bioclear patients and has worked on a variety of case types.

Which offices provide this service at Costa Dentistry?

Schedule your free consultation at our Ashburn office with Dr. Kim or at our Great Falls office with Dr. Costa to learn more about the Bioclear process, pricing, and procedure.

How many appointments does Bioclear require?

The patient will need to have an initial consultation to determine the best treatment plan. After the consultation, Bioclear can typically be completed in one appointment at our Ashburn or Great Falls offices.

How is Bioclear less expensive than traditional veneers?

Bioclear can cost 25-50% less than the price of a traditional porcelain veneer. When a patient has veneers placed there are often expensive lab fees associated with them

Does Bioclear hurt?

No, Bioclear does not require drilling or removal of tooth structure at all that can cause sensitivity to the tooth long term. The material is added to the existing tooth to reshape it.

Does Bioclear last?

Yes, Bioclear is a permanent type of restoration for anterior teeth to help reduce the look of black triangles at the gum area. It is reshaping the tooth with some composite/resin material that will match in the shade to your tooth color to make it undetectable to the eye.

Does tooth structure need to be removed from the tooth?

No tooth structure will be removed from the tooth at all. We will lean the surface of the tooth with some polishers and a sandblaster and add the resin-based material to the sides of the tooth and reshape that to make it look like your tooth and get rid of any black triangle spaces at the gum area.

Do I need anesthesia for it?

It is an option based on each patient’s comfort level throughout the appointment. Even though we are not removing tooth structure away, we are working very close to the gums and sometimes we have to polish the Bioclear material under the gums and place some special separators in between the teeth that can cause a bit of discomfort. You can absolutely do this procedure without any numbing at all if that is your preference.

Will the material change colors?

No, the material we use is very stable in color, polishes smooth to the tongue and it is easy to keep clean. As long as you are doing your proper hygiene at home you have nothing to worry about.

Are veneers better than Bioclear?

Veneers are a wonderful treatment if you are trying to change the color or shape of your teeth. For veneers, you have to remove some enamel of the tooth and replace it with ceramic material. It is a very long-lasting procedure and a permanent way of fixing cosmetic problems in teeth size, shape, or appearance.

Bioclear will not change the shape of your teeth. You do not need to remove any tooth structure away from the tooth. We are just adding resin material to the sides of the tooth to close those little spaces that sometimes after orthodontic treatment can open up or if a patient has some bone loss around the front teeth.

For more information about Bioclear, submit an appointment request form to receive a free consultation in our Ashburn or Great Falls, VA offices.

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